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The J.D. Hudgins Ranch first showed cattle in 1932 when Walter Hudgins took a group of Brahman cattle to Houston and exhibited them at the first Houston Fat Stock Show, which is now known as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. J.D. Hudgins, Inc., was honored at the 2007 Houston Livestock Show for having shown Brahman cattle at that prestigious show for 75 years. 

The J.D. Hudgins family has been exhibiting American Gray Brahman cattle for more than 80 years. The J.D. Hudgins family stresses that Hudgins show cattle must have the eye appeal, muscling, bone, and soundness in order to represent the J.D. Hudgins name in major Brahman shows. 

Many current National and International Champion Brahmans carry the J.D. Hudgins brand. These champions, both past and present, are very much in evidence throughout the J.D. Hudgins breeding herd today. 

Internationally, J.D. Hudgins-sired offspring continue to win top awards in major Brahman cattle shows throughout the Brahman world.


We take great pride in the fact that while our Brahman cattle have excelled in the show ring for over 80 years, we have never lost sight of the fact that our cattle are first and foremost beef cattle.

Over 80% of the Brahman bulls we sell each year go to work in commercial cow herds to produce beef. J.D. Hudgins maintains extensive performance records on all cattle produced. Birth, weaning, and yearling weights are recorded and processed through the American Brahman Breeders Association performance program.

Each crop of J.D. Hudgins Brahman bulls is measured by ultrasound to determine ribeye area, percent IMF, rib fat, and rump fat. Offspring from J.D. Hudgins Brahman genetics are monitored for feedlot performance and carcass data whenever possible.

J.D. Hudgins Brahmans are well represented in the American Brahman Breeders Association performance programs with 33 Maternal Performance sires and 214 Maternal Merit cows. Twelve of the eighteen Vangard sires are J.D. Hudgins bulls, and two of the twelve Vangard cows are J.D. Hudgins cows.

J.D. Hudgins' American Gray Brahman genetics make a positive contribution to the commercial cattle industry world-wide, producing functional, efficient beef cattle for today's discriminating commercial beef producers.


The J.D. Hudgins family has lived in the Hungerford, Texas area since 1839, when Joel Hudgins settled there. One of his sons, J.D., formed a partnership with his children in 1908 to raise Brahman cattle and farm. 

J.D. Hudgins, Inc., grew from that partnership, and today the J.D. Hudgins family operates almost 10,000 acres of land and runs more than 1,750 registered Brahman cows. 

In more than 100 years of operation, J.D. Hudgins, Inc., has sold American Gray Brahmans to 35 states of the United States and 43 countries of the world. 

J.D. Hudgins, Inc., is unique in the purebred business in that the owners of the ranch are full time cow people who actively manage the ranch and cattle on a daily basis. The fifth and sixth generations of the J.D. Hudgins family are now actively managing the business. 

Family members are always available to accommodate visitors, and visitors are always welcome.

Welcome to J.D. Hudgins Ranch in Hungerford, Texas. American Registered Brahman Cattle.