Six Generations of Commitment to the Brahman Breed

J.D. Hudgins, Inc., is annually recognized by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association as being one of the ten largest purebred producers in the United States. The ranch is owned by cattle men and women who are active in the daily operation of the ranch. The fifth and sixth generations of the family are now actively managing the business. Family members are always available to accommodate visitors, and visitors are always welcome.


Hudgins Division  (Cloverleaf brand) – Brothers Bob, Joe, Bill and Tom Hudgins, along with their children

Leslie W. Hudgins Division (Little h brand) – Brothers Steve and Rex Hudgins, along with Steve's son Collin Hudgins

Koonce Division (T brand) – J. Boone Koonce

Forgason Division (F brand) – Dr. James Forgason and Dr. Richard Forgason, along with their children

Locke Division (YL brand) – Father and son, Coleman and John Locke

Goudeau Division (XL brand) – Sarah & Harry Goudeau in partnership with sons Michael & Robert