From a breeding program firmly based on Manso, the Hudgins herd has expanded over the years into 2,000 registered females grazing on 20,000 acres. The early cattle bred on the ranch were of necessity both practical and profitable animals. Today’s breeding program is an extension of that philosophy which maximizes traits that are most important to the commercial cattleman. The ranch uses artificial insemination and embryo transfer to enhance the utilization of the superior genetics of top animals. Extensive production and growth records are maintained on the Hudgins cow herd, and young animals are culled rigidly. Approximately 10% of each calf crop is sent to slaughter annually for failing to measure up to the high standards represented by the  brand.

J.D. Hudgins sires are contributing to genetic and breeding programs all over the world. Click below to find a list of bulls from which we currently have semen available. We will be adding pedigrees and photographs as time permits and as photos become available. Inquiries are welcomed by either email, fax, or phone.


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