Bob Hudgins discusses the numbering system in The Brahman Journal

Bob Hudgins recently answered the following question for a reader of The Brahman Journal.

“As a new breeder, can you give me some suggestions or options on how to start my numbering system for a private herd?”

“In regards to a numbering system for a new breeder, it would not make any difference to me if the breeder wanted to start with the number 1 or 10 or 100. Where ever you start, you would then proceed in numerical order. Some breeders will brand a year number or a sire identification number on the calf. As long as the brands are relatively small and neat and placed properly I would say this is OK. In regards to our numbering system at J.D. Hudgins, each Division has their own system. I will relate to you our system on the Hudgins Division. In 1962, J.D. Hudgins divided up among families and formed five divisions. When Hudgins Division branded their first group of calves, we started with the number 1 and have branded our calves in consecutive order since that time. We have bull calves and heifer calves branded the same number but are designated by sex when they are registered. When we reached the number 999, the next calf was numbered 1 with a number 1 below it. This tells us that Hudgins Division had branded a total of 1,000 calves since the ranch divided in 1963. When we reached the number 999 over 1, the next calf would be numbered 1 over 2. We have continued this system and our last bull calf branded in the fall of 2011 was numbered 363 over an 8. This means that Hudgins Division has branded 8,363 bull calves since 1962. When we start branding in the spring of 2012, the next bull calf will be branded 364 over an 8. We just start where we left off the previous season until we reach 999.”

–Bob Hudgins